We partnered with Perfect Office Solutions, an office space company based in the DC metro area with over 14 locations.

Perfect Office is an environment that is there to support the entrepreneurial community with a safe space for training, coaching, cultivation of business and personal development all while providing affordable, professional, and flexible office spaces.

Founded by Chiko Abengowe, the original vision was born out of a great need to provide professional, affordable and flexible office space for businesses of all sizes. We recognize that building your business is not easy. We are have laid the foundation that will provide the path to entrepreneurial success.

Mulbah Media executed on the brand’s visual identity through the development of digital content.

Mulbah Media executed on Perfect Office Solutions’ content strategy and contributed to a cohesive and compelling online presence through the creation of digital content.

Mulbah Media involved Perfect Office Solutions in the pre-production, production, and post production processes in order to accurately achieve the desired content goals. Mulbah Media has creative specialists who work together with the Perfect Office Solutions team in order to capture curated photos and videos.

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