We partnered with Toniiq, a supplement company based in New York.

Toniiq’s mission is simple; enable people to look and feel AMAZING by combining plant-based nutrients with modern science. Toniiq only sources the highest quality ingredients from around the world, while utilizing advancements in extraction technology to ensure the highest possible potency in every botanical product.

Mulbah Media executed on the brand’s visual identity through the development of digital content.

Mulbah Media executed on Toniiq’s content strategy and contributed to a cohesive and compelling online presence through the creation of digital content.

Mulbah Media involved Toniiq in the pre-production, production, and post production processes in order to accurately achieve the desired content goals. Mulbah Media has creative specialists who work together with Toniiq in order to capture curated photos and videos. Mulbah Media gained insight into the supplement industry and received quality insight on health appeals. Mulbah Media knows what it takes to execute on a strong and compelling digital image in the supplement industry.

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